Montenegrin Journal for Social Sciences (MJSS) is a scientific journal which publishes results of research in the field of social sciences and humanities. MJSS encourages historical research and comparative approaches of international relations, political economy and geo-political/geo-strategic views on the Montenegro and Southeastern Europe. Additionally MJSS constructs an academic forum to bring together disparate scholarly perspectives and publishes research on the fields of history, geopolitics, political science, sociology, law, economics, demographics and other multidisciplinary areas. Journal will be providing scientific support to all social and humanistic research in the area of Montenegro and Southeastern Europe, including comparative analyses and theoretical issues with implications for other world areas.


The journal publishes the following categories article: original scientific paper, review, presentation at the scientific conference. Besides the the mentioned categories, the journal publishes reviews on books, notes and reviews of particular events and phenomena. The Editorial board accepts manuscripts that are written in English or Montenegrin which have not been previously published. Montenegrin Journal for Social Sciences supports an open access, which means that all of its contents are freely available without charging users or their institutions. Users are allowed to read, upload, copy, distribute, print out, search, and share links to the full text of the articles or use them in any other legal way without requesting explicit permission from the author or publisher.

Montenegrin Journal for Social Sciences (COBISS.CG-ID 32743952), issued twice a year in print (ISSN 2536-5592) and the online edition (ISSN 2536-5606).


Publisher of the magazine:

Center for Geopolitical Studies

The Center for Geopolitical Studies is a scientific and research institution established in late 2014 within Faculty of Philosophy, University of Montenegro. The aim of the Center is the study of geopolitical and historical phenomenon of Montenegro but also expanding area of Southeastern Europe. Planned activities of The Center for Geopolitical Studies implemented through the organization of scientific research projects, its proper presentation, discussions and public lectures. The Center functions as a teaching and research institution and from 2017 within the Center has been organized and publishing activity. The Center for Geopolitics has appeared as a publisher of international scientific journal Montenegrin Journal for Social Science. Director of the Center for Geopolitical Studies is a full professor in the Department of History Prof. Dr Zivko Andrijasevic.